Title: Tomorrow Never Dies
Artist: 5 Seconds of Summer
Played: 16863 times


Tomorrow Never Dies from The 5 Seconds Of Summer Album Target Edition

“De mi soledad aprendí, que de mi depende ser feliz.”


' imagine Louis softly pinching your nipple '


  1. calum: damn calum. you look so good today. i'm sweating. youre the hottest piece of ass on this planet, calum. [turns away from mirror] wait who's that smokin hot dude? [turns back] oh its just you, calum. you and your sexy hair. who's that guy with all those babes? oh its just you c-
  2. ashton: who are you talking to in there
  3. calum: uh..bye mum love yuo!


ashton is me

louteasdaleEmo love

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